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Further courses

OK, you've mastered the basics, now it's time to hone the skills and learn some new ones to extend your diving - deeper, at night, on wrecks, at altitude...

First there's the Advanced Course - a "taster" if you will, of 5 different areas of diving - for example Deep, Navigation, Night, Dry Suit and Wreck. Then, you can specialise in those areas of particular interest. 

The next step is the Rescue course a tiring but fun course with a lot of hands on experience and scenario practice to really build on your skills and your confidence. Then you're on your way to achieving the highest non-professional rating - Master Scuba Diver!

Please call (0402 59 2154), email or stop by for more information on our courses including current course schedules and pricing options. 

Advanced Openwater

Extend your diving - learn and perfect new skills. Navigation, Deep, Search and recovery, Night, or perhaps Dry suit and Altitude? Call to discuss the options with our Instructors - focus on the areas that interest you!

Rescue Diver

Build your confidence. Practise multiple Rescue scenarios during this very "hands on" course. A lot of fun - and one of the most rewarding courses. Come away with a sense of achievement and confidence.

Specialty courses

At Dive Smart we offer a full range of Specialty courses - whatever your interest in diving we can offer the advice and training to give you the skills and experience you need.

Deep diving

Extend your range further to the Recreational diver limit of 40m. Want to go deeper? Ask about our TecRec Extended range courses.

NIght diving

Some of the best diving is done at night. Particularly in the temperate waters around Sydney we have a lot of nocturnal life. Learn how to dive safely at night and let us show you Sydney's underwater nightlife!

Project AWARE / Naturalist

Learn more about the amazing aquatic world, how to identify and interact with the inhabitants of the underwater world we visit.

Diver Propulsion Vehicles

One of the all time "FUN" courses! Learn how to dive with DPVs safely.

Dry Suit

Keep on diving all year in comfort. Or perhps train for a trip to Tassie or even further South! Then join us for a little Altitude and Ice diving in the Snowy mountains of NSW

Drift diving

Come along for the laziest dive of all - let the current do the work whilst you just glide along!