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Learning to dive - becoming not just competent, but comfortable and confident in the water takes time and practise.....we give you that time with relaxed pool sessions and extended ocean dives and SMALL private class sizes of no more than 4 students per INstructor so everyone receives the PERSONALISED attention necessary to teach you properly.

We are a fully accredited PADI 5-star Dive Centre


PADI - the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, is the world's leading SCUBA diving training organisation with a network of accredited Dive Centres and professionally trained Instructors.

From that first breath underwater you'll be hooked! If you've always wanted to do it, or that documentary you've just seen has sparked your interest, SCUBA opens up a new world to explore. Let us lead you into a new world of discovery and adventure. We also offer skin diving courses for snorkelling and spearfishing.

Kids as young as 8 can experience SCUBA in the pool, from 12 they can become Open Water divers - it's a great family activity. For more information and course schedules please ring 0402 59 2154

Want to start now? Click on the link below to register for PADI's eLearning:

Discover Scuba

A half day pool experience for those who want to try it out. Get geared up and learn to glide through the 3-dimensional underwater world - weightless and relaxed! Courses held on demand (minimum 2 participants) at our local pool - Galston.

Open Water diver

Internationally recognised PADI certification for the entry level diver. Junior Openwater from 12 years of age. Usually conducted over 4 part days - 1 theory, 1 pool and 2 days of ocean diving - but there are several alternatives to suit the varied lifestyles we lead! Call us to arrange your personalised timetable. Personal courses run for groups of friends or family.

For our Junior Adventurers!

PADI Bubblemakers and Seal Team dives. Pool experience for children 8 years and above. Get some friends together and arrange a party! Course held at Galston pool.